Introducing the CCHI Broker RFP Center

Brokers are the vital link in making healthcare insurance available and affordable for their clients. CCHI does everything we can go make life simpler for brokers so that they can better deliver services to those clients. So, we’re intoducing this new Broker RFP Center. The links below will help you give your clients fast and accurate quotes.

First check out the Benefit Plan Options table to see which plan is most appropriate to your client’s situation. Then download and fill out the RFP form. Email that to us at and we’ll have a quote back to you fast.

Need information about how to transition small groups of 25-200 lives from a tradtional plan to a fully self-insured plan? Then download our brochure. You may even want to share it with your client.


Benefit Plan Options Table
Download this table to see In-Network and Out-of-Network benefits at various co-pay levels.

Broker RFP Form
Download this PDF. Fill in the requested information and email it back to us for a speedy quote.

How to Transition from Traditional Plans to a Fully Self-Insured Plan Under Obamacare
Download this pamphlet for useful information on how to obtain the benefits of a self-insured plan in the new PPACA (Obamacare) environment.

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