Tom Rich has been an Employee Benefits Consultant since 1978.  Tom received formal group insurance training from Liberty Mutual learning group medical insurance from the ground up.  His 6 months intense training in the underwriting department in the home office led him to oversee the 4 western states in sales and underwriting.

From Tom’s group experience he created benefit programs for the California Veterinary Medical Association and built it up to $4,000,000 in premium.

Tom’s education and creativity directed him to the most logical direction of high deductible benefit plans for employers through partial self-funding. 

Tom provided many employer educational workshops to provide the employer and the broker with a better understanding of the self-funded alternative to a fully insured medical plan.

Tom was instrumental as a direct consultant in bringing the financial measured results of self-funding to several large hospitals in the San Francisco Hospital affiliates when Blue Cross dominated all the hospitals in San Francisco through fully insured plans.  His creative ideas carved a plan to take advantage of the hospital’s services that were being provided to their employees through benefit incentives.  Over several years the hospitals saved millions of dollars by using the partial self-funded program.

Tom has written many articles on partial self-funding, never published but distributed to employer groups interested in the concept.  Over the last 20 years of positive financial results, and risk management protocols, Tom joined CCHI in 2013 as Managing Director to oversee plan management of existing and new clients.

Sports and Hobbies enjoyed are play golf, Snow and Water Skiing, hiking and building and flying model airplanes.

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